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8 years ago, I was dying... and Nutritional Therapy saved my life.

"Your blood work looks normal,"
"All of your test results are fine,"
"it's probably all in your head - you should just see a shrink," 

My name is Serina Vassar. I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) with a Master's Degree in Counseling and a passion to heal the world. I became an NTP after suffering many debilitating health problems and healing my body through eating REAL food and creatively re-designing my lifestyle to promote vibrant health. It is now my passion to help you do the same!

Before my vibrant health transformation, I had worked with many traditional health providers who really could not seem to solve my problems. At one point, I was taking 18 different medications each day and still suffering with some pretty intense symptoms (chronic migraines, insomnia, gastric distress such as gas, severe bloating, uncontrollable nausea and constant vomiting, lack of energy, hair loss, mental fog, and constipation, to name a few!). I did everything I thought would help - I was a low fat vegan, I exercised, I practiced yoga and meditation, I took all the medications that my doctors had prescribed, but nothing seemed to help my symptoms subside.

Then, during my last year of graduate school, my body began to shut down. I had to withdraw on medical leave (don't worry - I completed my degree a year later!), and my doctors were baffled. "Nothing is wrong with you," they said, "there is no reason you should be feeling this way." - I had heard these things before... but, I asked myself, if there were no reason for me to feel this way, WHY was I feeling so terrible?

I was dying, and no one could help me. Until something incredible happened -- I met a woman who practiced Nutritional Therapy. She explained to me that no matter what I did, my body could not begin recovering until it knew how to properly digest food. Say what?? What did DIGESTION have to do with my chronic migraines, insomnia, and brain fog? Plus, I had a great diet! I ate no saturated fat and had been a vegan for 10 years. That couldn't be the answer. Still, she went on to explain that I could be eating the best food in the world, and taking the best supplements in the world, but if my body could not digest and absorb the nutrients from my food, it would never do me any good.

Ok, she had me there. I was constantly nauseous and, at my worst, was vomiting upwards of 30 times per day, so I figured that she might be on to something with this whole "digestion" thing. I decided to give Nutritional Therapy a try, and see if it could help. 

Within 3 months of starting down the path of Nutritional Therapy, my life was changed forever. I began to feel GOOD again! I stopped vomiting and was able to sleep. My hair stopped falling out, and I started being able to think clearly again. What kind of pixie magic WAS this?! 

It turns out no shamans, warlocks, witches, leprechauns or pixie dust were involved in my seemingly magical transformation. No magical "superfoods" like Açai berry, Maca, unpronounceable plant extract, or special shakes. Just good old-fashioned science, a happy digestive system, and real food.

Click here to listen to one of my Podcasts on How Digestion Works to get an even better idea of how Nutritional Therapy can help you!

So... What is "Nutritional Therapy" anyway?

Nutritional Therapy is a bio-individual approach to health and wellness that focuses on using real foods as a therapeutic agent to support vibrant health as well as focusing on creating stellar Foundations for health. The Foundations for Health from a Nutritional Therapy perspective are:

  • Diet (nutrient-dense foods mean plenty of building blocks and tools for your body to be awesome!)
  • Digestion (being able to use the nutrients within said nutrient-dense foods --- this one is CLUTCH -- Check out my podcast How Digestion Works for more info)
  • Blood Sugar Regulation (aka metabolism and energy stabilization -- say good-bye to feeling "hangry"! -- Check out my podcast on Blood Sugar Regulation for more info)
  • Fatty Acids Balance (needed for a whole slew of fantastic functions within the body - such as happy hormones, healthy skin, energy balance, and MOOD support)
  • Mineral Balance (to fuel your organs, muscles, and bones)
  • Hydration (because honestly, we're made up of mostly water, so it just makes sense that we need to drink the right amount each day!)

Basically, when these foundations are all rock solid and awesome, YOU feel rock solid and awesome! It's pretty neat, if I do say so myself.

With my background in Counseling, I utilize a Trauma-Informed, Brain-Based Approach to Nutritional Therapy - a process that is unique to my program.


wait - what about the dog in your picture??

The dog in my picture above is my Service Dog, Gus. Gus is specially task-trained to help me with managing the last bit of my health journey. He's definitely a pretty great alternative to taking 18 medications a day for SURE!

Click here to listen to one of my Podcasts where you can learn All About Service Dogs.

Oh, and that handsome man in the picture with me is my husband and biggest supporter, Jeremy. He's on the Podcast, too.

A few words from my clients:

I was hesitant at first but Serina was so friendly and so knowledgeable about the subject of nutrition. She was able to break it down so that I could understand how FOOD could be used as a tool to help with my energy, depression and anxiety, as well as weight loss. For the first time in my life, I understood the concept of proper digestion and the importance of water and why even seltzer water is different. I’m excited to be on the journey to a better healthier me and can’t speak highly enough about Serina making me feel comfortable and capable of changing my life!
— Michelle
I never knew it could be THIS EASY it could be feel GOOD all day long! I never knew what great energy felt like until I began working with Serina.
— Jennifer
Very informative and practical. You will leave with a new outlook of food and a road map to follow.
— John