Before you choose to use the services of a Nutritional Therapist, please read the following information FULLY AND CAREFULLY.

Wise Bear Functional Nutrition Office Policies

Communications and correspondences
FROM WISE BEAR: I understand that Serina and/or the Wise Bear Team will respond to all communications (phone calls, video calls, emails, messages, PINGs, etc.) within 2 business days. Serina and/or the Wise Bear Team is often able to respond to me in less than 2 business days' time, but the Wise Bear Functional Nutrition Communication Response Policy states that they will get back to me no later than 2 business days' time and within normal business hours. Be sure to review our current hours of operation in the footer of our website for the most up-to-date information about hours of operation. *
FROM ME: As a client of Wise Bear Functional Nutrition, LLC, ("Wise Bear" or "the Wise Bear Team") it is my responsibility to contact us with any questions, comments, symptoms, updates, or concerns. Serina and/or the Wise Bear Team does their very best to maintain open communication between consultations, but are not quite able to read minds just yet. So, this means that they will not be able to help, answer, or trouble shoot any problems I may have unless they know that I am experiencing them. As part of my Membership, Wise Bear will provide me with a personal, secure, client portal through which I may communicate any questions, comments, and/or concerns. *
In conjunction with the policy above, Serina and the Wise Bear Team ask that I leave just one (1) message per request, comment, concern, etc. and presume that they have received this message and will respond to me as promptly as they can, and within normal hours of operation. However, if for some reason I do NOT receive a response from Serina and/or the Wise Bear Team within 2 business days' time and within normal hours of operation, I may send a second (2nd) message or give them a call. I understand that technology is not perfect and that sometimes messages can be sent to SPAM accidentally, and that Serina and the Wise Bear Team does not want me request/comment/message to be missed. *
I understand that Serina and the Wise Bear Team highly values clear communication, and strives to offer support to me through easy-to-understand methods. I will also value and understand the importance of clear communication, therefore, I will do my very best to communicate using clear, complete sentences and to formulate my questions with care in order to promote the most effective use of time in correspondence with Serina and/or the Wise Bear Team. Serina and the Wise Bear Team will offer me the same courtesy. *
I understand that one (1) credit is equal to 15-minutes of practitioner time, and that practitioner time includes both the time spent with me as well as time spent preparing my post-consultation notes and posting them to my Client Portal. For example: One (1) credit may be used for a email/messaging session that is between 6-15 minutes in length, as everything I need is typed out already. One (1) credit may also be used for a phone/video/in-person correspondence/consultation lasting between 6-10 minutes, as my practitioner will need time to type and post your notes. *
I further understand that communications lasting fewer than 5-minutes will not utilize any of my credits, unless a string of communications last for multiple 5-minute increments. In this circumstance, my practitioner (Serina Vassar) reserves the right to utilize a credit for my communication time at her discretion. *
I understand that Serina and/or the Wise Bear Team will provide me with post-consultation notes, a Nutritional Recommendation Sheet ("NRS"), and any applicable additional information or resources in order to best support me on my journey to health and wellness after each consultation. It is Wise Bear’s policy to provide these post-consultation communications within 5-business days. I recognize that Serina and/or the Wise Bear Team is typically able to provide my notes to me sooner than this, but that the policy states that these services will be provided to me within 5-business days' time and within normal hours of operation after my consultation. Additionally, if I need clarification on any of my post-consultation notes/resources/etc., it is MY responsibility to contact Serina and/or the Wise Bear Team for clarification. They cannot help me if the do not know that I am struggling. *
PLEASE NOTE: Weekends, holidays, office closings, and vacations may influence Wise Bear’s normal hours of operation. Notifications of office closings will be posted on the Wise Bear scheduling website should any questions arise, and will also be posted in the Calendar of Events on this website for reference. *
EXPIRATION POLICY: All credits and Memberships have an expiration date. The expiration date of your Membership depends on the length of your Membership Contract. The expiration date of credits available to you through your Support Memberships (SPROUT or GROW) is 31 days from the start of your Membership month; all unused credits will expire at this time. A new set of credits will be applied to your account every 31 days for the duration of your Support Membership Contract. The expiration date of credits available to you through your Maintenance Memberships (FLOURISH or SUSTAIN) depends on the end-date of your Membership Contract; all unused credits will expire at the end of your Maintenance Membership Contract. *
MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION POLICY: You may cancel your membership at any time. All memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. *
I understand that Wise Bear Functional Nutrition, LLC takes reasonable precautions to ensure my privacy and confidentiality. Any information I submit to Serina and/or the Wise Bear Team shall remain strictly confidential. Only my practitioner shall have access to my health information. Information submitted to Wise Bear Functional Nutrition, LLC using my personal, secure client portal shall remain strictly confidential. However, I understand that certain members of the Wise Bear team may have access to certain pieces of my information, such as unpaid invoices and schedule information for the purposes of making collections calls, or managing my consultation schedule. *
CLIENT PORTAL - WISE BEAR COMMUNITY MODULE: I understand that the Community Module inside of Wise Bear’s Client Portal is NOT confidential. Anything I choose to post, interact with, submit, or comment on within that specific module shall be available for anyone else inside that module to see and interact with. It is MY responsibility to TAKE CARE BEFORE POSTING anything in your Client Portal to be sure of which module I am posting within (my personal client file or the Community module). Wise Bear Functional Nutrition, LLC is not responsible for miss-posted information, and, in some cases, may not be able to remove miss-posted content (I will be able to and have to remove it myself). This is why it is essential that I double check where I am posting before I post a message. I may choose to opt-in or opt-out of the Community Module at any time. *
SHARING INFORMATION: Wise Bear Functional Nutrition, LLC will not share my information with anyone or any entity. All of my information will remain confidential. However, if I would like Serina and/or the Wise Bear Team to speak with other members of my health care team, I may give written permission to share information. Serina and/or the Wise Bear Team will not share any information without my written permission. *
CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations and appointment reschedule requests MSUT be submitted with 2-business day's notice (a minimum of 48-hours, not including weekends). Cancellations given with less than 2-business day's notice will be a charged a late cancellation fee (50% of À LA CARTE consultation cost - see Potting Soil for cost details). *
NO SHOW: No-shows will be charged the full À LA CARTE consultation cost of the missed appointment. Payment is due within 14 days of the missed appointment.
REFUNDS: I understand that all sales are final. Wise Bear Functional Nutrition, LLC does NOT issue any refunds for services or product. However, unopened bottles of supplements may be returned within 30-calendar days of purchase date for a credit on my account.
I acknowledge and agree that I have read the foregoing list of Policies, Terms & Conditions. I further understand that the Policies, Terms & Conditions as outlined herein may be subject to change without notice, and that I may be required to read, review, and accept an updated copy of Policies, Terms & Conditions at any point in the future so long as I am a client of Wise Bear Functional Nutrition, LLC. *
I have read and understand the foregoing list of Wise Bear Functional Nutrition’s Current Policies, Terms & Conditions. By my/our signature(s) below, I/we confirm that I/we have read and fully understand the above disclaimer, are in complete agreement thereto and do freely and without duress sign and consent to all terms contained herein: *
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