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Want to optimize your diet, meal plan, or supplement protocol? Come on in and grab an à la carte session with me to get yourself back on track and feeling great!

I offer 2 options for maintenance clients: Consultations with typed notes, and consultations without notes. That way, you can pay for JUST the time you need, and none of the time you don’t.

Please be aware: If you schedule a consultation that does not include post-consultation notes, then YOU are responsible for taking your own notes about goals, programs, supplement protocols, dietary recommendations, etc.

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Consultations may be held by phone/zoom call, in-office, by e-mail, or via messaging session through your Client Portal (Practice Better)

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Consultations may be held by phone/zoom call, in-office, by e-mail or via messaging through your Client Portal (PRactice Better).

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This 12-week package is designed to give you an extra boost to your overall health and wellness goals and help you fine-tune your progress. This is for clients who have already completed an Initial Consultation and Intake appointment. It’s perfect for some support along your journey! Jump into a 3 month program tailored to YOUR needs! This package is for you! (note: You must have completed an Initial Consultation prior to purchasing this package)

What’s included in my Fine-Tuning Package?

  • 12 weeks of support from me (Serina)!

  • 8x Food Journal review or Q&A sessions (15-min. each -- 1x per "off" week between consultations) ($120 á la carte)

  • 3x 60-minute Functional re-Evaluation/in-office visit every 6 weeks (1 at the beginning for our baseline, 1 mid-way, and 1 at the end of your 12 weeks -- 75 min. total practitioner time each) {see what is the functional evaluation? for more information} ($228 á la carte)

  • 2x 30-minute consultations between Functional Evaluations to answer questions, monitor progress, tweak protocols, etc. (45-min. total practitioner time) ($90 á la carte)

  • 2x Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire and review of Symptom Burden Analysis (“SBG”) to show illustrate where you’re starting from (so you can see where you’re going! 1 at the beginning, 1 at the end.) ($100 á la carte)

  • Access to our interactive Client Portal (Practice Better)

  • Personal Therapeutic Foods/Supplement Schedule & Goals chart posted to your Client Portal after every consultation

  • Post-Consultation Notes (summary) with any additional references or clinical recommendations after every consultation

  • a 15% discount on all supplements purchased through your FullScript account!

    Total Practitioner time: 6.5 hours.

    Investment in your Fine-Tuning Package: $485 (%10 savings compared to á la carte prices!)

    Purchase your 12-week Fine-Tuning Package Now!

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    Week: 0 ......... First Functional Evaluation & Nutri-Q/SBG review (in-office)
    Week: 1 .......... 15-min for Food journal review/Q&A
    Week: 2 ......... 15-min for Food journal review/Q&A
    Week: 3 ......... 30-minute check in (in-office, Zoom/video call, or phone call)
    Week: 4 ......... 15-min for Food journal review/Q&A
    Week: 5 ......... 15-min for Food journal review/Q&A
    Week: 6 ......... Second Functional Evaluation (in-office)
    Week: 7 ........ 15-min for Food journal review/Q&A
    Week: 8 ........ 15-min for Food journal review/Q&A
    Week: 9 ........ 30-minute check in (in-office, Zoom/video call, or phone call)
    Week: 10 ....... 15-min for Food journal review/Q&A
    Week: 11 ........ 15-min for Food journal review/Q&A
    Week: 12 ........ Final Functional Evaluation & Nutri-Q/SBG review (in-office)