The Fine-Tune: Maintenance Package

Congratulations! You've completed your first 3 months of your journey OR you're well on your way to your goals! By now, you should be feeling pretty great and getting very close to achieving the live of vibrant health you desire.

This fine-tuning package is designed to help you continue making progress toward your goals and offer support along the way. It’s a fantastic way to tweak your goals, monitor progress, and pick my brain about how to keep you moving forward with ease.

What’s included in the Fine-Tune: Maintenance Package?

  • 12 weeks of support from Serina!

  • 8x Food Journal review or Q&A sessions (15-min. each -- 1x per "off" week between consultations)

  • 3x 45-minute Functional re-Evaluation/in-office visit every 6 weeks (1 at the beginning for our baseline, 1 mid-way, and 1 at the end of your 12 weeks -- 60 min. total practitioner time each) {see what is the functional evaluation? for more information}

  • 2x 30-minute consultations between Functional Evaluations to answer questions, monitor progress, tweak protocols, etc. (45-min. total practitioner time)

  • 2x Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire and review of Symptom Burden Analysis (“SBG”) to show illustrate where you’re starting from (so you can see where you’re going! 1 at the beginning, 1 at the end.)

  • Access to our interactive Client Portal (Basecamp)

  • Personal Therapeutic Foods/Supplement Schedule & Goals chart posted to your Client Portal after every consultation

  • Post-Consultation Notes (summary) with any additional references or clinical recommendations after every consultation\

  • a 15% discount on all supplements purchased through your FullScript!

    Total Practitioner time: 6.5 hours.

    Investment in your Fine-Tune Package: $663

    NOTE -- THIS PACKAGE RECEIVE A 15% discount on services when compared to à La Carte/pay-as-you-go options!

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Week: 0 ......... First Functional Evaluation & Nutri-Q/SBG review (in-office)
Week: 1 .......... 15-min for Food journal review/Q&A
Week: 2 ......... 15-min for Food journal review/Q&A
Week: 3 ......... 30-minute check in (in-office, Zoom/video call, or phone call)
Week: 4 ......... 15-min for Food journal review/Q&A
Week: 5 ......... 15-min for Food journal review/Q&A
Week: 6 ......... Second Functional Evaluation (in-office)
Week: 7 ........ 15-min for Food journal review/Q&A
Week: 8 ........ 15-min for Food journal review/Q&A
Week: 9 ........ 30-minute check in (in-office, Zoom/video call, or phone call)
Week: 10 ....... 15-min for Food journal review/Q&A
Week: 11 ........ 15-min for Food journal review/Q&A
Week: 12 ........ Final Functional Evaluation & Nutri-Q/SBG review (in-office)

Want to chat with me before beginning your journey to vibrant health? No problem! Please use the form below to contact me and I’ll personally help you set up your package and get you scheduled for your Initial Consultation.

And, if you feel like you need a little more support after the first 3-months, or a little more direction after completing you New You Package, you can add-on an additional 12-week Fine-Tuning package to really keep you moving into your potential and achieve your goals. It’s pretty sweet.